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The 12 Week Program begins immediately upon registration.
Work at your own pace from the comfort of home. Download materials for exploration on-the-go.

For 12 Weeks you get:
Weekly coaching, accountability, & clear objectives
On-the-fly access to me, when you need it most
In-depth Q&A sessions that get to the heart of you
Proven Power Tools designed to get you unstuck
Daily Support via the TribeNectar™ Community

12 weeks of unparalleled virtual power coaching
Weekly action items specific to your needs
Unlimited community coaching support

Your virtual coaching portal
20 pg. in-depth PreTraining Playbook
8 Master Class Lessons
9 Digital Playbooks
TribeNectar™ Community Support

12+ hours of audio
300+ pages of powerful content
Post-program community coaching support

Week 1: Introduction & PreTraining

Welcome + 5 Video Tutorials + 21 page Digital PreTraining Playbook

Get started exactly where you are with an in-depth power inventory.

In order to get where it is you want to go, you have to start where you are. The PHP PreTraining is an in-depth power inventory designed to paint an overall picture of your life. Use your first digital playbook to move through a series of Q&A's and set goals for yourself moving forward.

Week 2: Be Your Own Hero (MC1: Authority)

60-min audio lesson + 22 page full-color eBook + 15 page Digital Playbook

Authority is ideal medicine when you feel powerless - like your life is living you.

In the first master class session I define and clarify the path to personal power. Emphasis is placed upon clearing resistance and the powerless sensation of feeling stuck. Power tools are offered that specifically address: inertia, jealousy, depression, and cyclical drama in relationships.

Week 3: Come As You Are (MC2: Humility)

60-min audio lesson + 20 page full-color eBook + 20 page Digital Playbook

Humility will help you to stop shrinking & make peace with the hand you've been dealt.

In the second session Humility is radically redefined as the power to show up in your own life. Exploration of why we keep ourselves and our personal stories hidden and how we are missing the point by doing so. Power tools offered encourage you to stop hiding and start living the life you were designed for. Emphasis on falling in love with your beautiful-ugly past and how it has shaped you.

Week 4: Know Thyself (MC3: Purpose)

60-min audio lesson + 22 page full-color eBook + 22 page Digital Playbook

Purpose is will reconnect you to what inspires you & show you how your life matters.

In session three we get to the heart of who you really are. Purpose is examined through the lens of authenticity. We'll look at why success is often about breaking the contracts we were born into. Allowing for change, we will pave your way toward fulfillment, busting through "who am I to do that?!" thinking. Power tools offer in-depth exploration of your unique genius and the fear that keeps you from expressing it.

Week 5: Integration

No new releases.

It's time to play catch up.

Week 6: Expose Your Truth (MC4: Vulnerability)

90-min Audio Lesson + 24 page Full-color eBook + 18 page Digital Playbook

Vulnerability has the power to dispel anxiety and the discomfort of holding it in.

Session four is where we dive deep into your shadow magic. Inspired by the brilliant work of Brene Brown, I offer you a pivotal shift in thinking around the virtues of vulnerability. We'll explore why what you are withholding is holding you hostage and learn the two words that have the power to set each of us free. Power tools include therapeutic archetypes that will help you to stop letting your wounds control your responses to life. Neutralize the pain of exposure and communicate your deepest real.

Week 7: Risk The Reach (MC5: Moxie)

70-min Audio Lesson + 29 page Full-color eBook + 16 page Digital Playbook

Feel Stuck? Moxie teaches you how to move when you can't see where you're going.

In the fifth session we get real about why life (and you) can be a real bitch sometimes. This lesson is all about freeing you up from the misdiagnosis of discomfort; anger is emphasized and celebrated as a superpower when channeled constructively. I'll introduce you to what I call The Growth Spiral™ as an evolutionary dance through light and a dark, offering you a direct path towards courageous living. Power tools offer practical advice for navigating change, the unknown, and the seduction of despair.

Week 8: Own Your Edges (MC6: Sovereignty)

60-min Audio Lesson + 23 page Full-color eBook + 19 page Digital Playbook

Sovereignty is the power of self-dominion. Learn to create and maintain boundaries.

Session six is a total game-changer when it comes to the relationships in your life. Get crystal clear on why you sometimes get lost when it comes to love. Discover what it is to have self-dominion and learn how to cultivate a power core that is yours and yours alone. Examine the 4 Stages of Sovereignty and begin to create more healthy boundaries. Power tools focus on taking power back from loved ones, defining deal-breakers, and calling in what you want in personal and professional relations.

Week 9: Integration

No new releases.

More time to play catch up.

Week 10: Move From Center (MC7: Integrity)

50-min Audio Lesson + 26 page full-color eBook + 18 page Digital Playbook

Integrity teaches you how to manage overwhelm and being spread too thin.

The Integrity master class helps you create a life in 'the sweet spot.' Discover what you're doing to get in your own way. Right alignment with who you are at your core results in what I can 'vertical living.' I'll show you a practical Integrity Model and describe to you the three interdependent paths to fulfillment. Power tools examine: how you are running your energy and what it takes to get yourself into alignment with what you say you want. (For best results, combine this class with MC6: Sovereignty.)

Week 11: ACTualize Your Power (MC8: Movement)

50-min Audio Lesson + 21 page Full-color eBook + 19 page Digital Playbook

Movement is how we put each of the 7 Powers to work in our lives.

Master Class 8 brings all the program pieces together into a meaningful plan for life. I review each of the seven powers - highlighting core elements and techniques that bring them alive. 'Red flags' are offered to help you know when to call upon the work in your everyday life. Finally, I'll help you walk through the creation of a customized Power Plan, putting all 25 power tools to work and get your life moving forward.

Week 12: Wrap-up

Releases TBA

Final thoughts. Special surprises!

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