The Powerhouse Program fundamentally changed my life. The content is unique and vital, its message pivotal ~ a calling to holistic power on all levels.
Karima, PHP 2013
After many attempts at counseling, I found more personal benefits in the Powerhouse Program than I ever experienced in all my counseling sessions combined.
Heather, PHP 2012
When my humanity felt whittled down to rock bottom through depression, abuse, and self-sabotage, Candice was a primary force in hearing my story and drafting a foundation suited exclusively for me and my being. The PHP is a reliable, authentic resource for guidance and support.
Ellen, PHP 2012
PHP has exceeded my expectations in that I did not expect to experience the accelerated changes in my thoughts, emotions, and behavioral patterns that have dramatically shifted my life in a completely new direction.
Jennifer, PHP 2012

who's it for?

The Powerhouse Program™ is the only online curriculum of its kind offering flexible and affordable power coaching for self-expression and personal empowerment, accessible 24/7 from the comfort of home.

Over 12 hours and 300+ pages of content designed to get you moving, in-depth master classes are delivered directly to your inbox. Take one class at a time, choosing the lesson that speaks to you and your needs in the moment most OR enroll in a 12-week full power program.

Work at your own pace with me as your coach on call; 1:1 support is available upon request. Is money an issue standing between you and the support you need? Not to worry. Payment plans are available or ask me about no-excuse pricing.

Precisely because this work has proved powerful, I'm absolutely committed to making it accessible.
Choose the medicine that works for you. Work at your own pace. Reach out when you need more support.

how's it work?

You feel stuck, depressed, or in need of clarity.
Do you sometimes have a hard time getting motivated? Do you feel confused around what direction to go in? Do you hesitate, second-guessing your gifts/talents or the value that you are meant to bring to the world?

You are tired of playing-it-small and wanting more.
Do you feel unsatisfied or ambivalent in some area of your life? Is it sometimes all that you do to make it through the day? Do you feel like your life is living you?

You have a hard time advocating for your needs.
Do you sometimes lack the strength or clarity to speak what’s in your heart and mind? Do you bite your tongue, afraid of alienating the people around you with your unique opinion or perspective? Do you feel lost in relationship to someone?
You give it all away. Do you continually sacrifice your own needs to take care of those around you? Do you feel guilty when you put yourself first? Do you sometimes apologize when you don’t mean it or feel guilty for things out of your control?

You say "yes" in order to avoid conflict. Do you alter your perspective to suit the people around you in order to avoid conflict? When you do speak your truth, is it honored and understood? Do you struggle with how to express your voice fully and honestly without creating drama around you?

If you can relate to any of the above scenarios,
the Powerhouse Program has some juicy wisdom that just might change your life.

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Virtual Coaching 24/7 & Lifetime Membership
The flexibility and affordability of virtual coaching can not be overstated. For many of us, busy schedules make it difficult to get the support we need. In this format, you have access to a leading-edge power curriculum + personal 1:1 coaching from anywhere in the world. The PHP virtual classroom is accessible to you via your own private log-in 24/7. All course materials can be explored online or downloaded for indefinite exploration. You will have LIFETIME ACCESS to this eCourse! that means, once you enroll you will be able to re-experience it as many times as you life. Graduates have exclusive access to updates and related bonus materials forever.

1:1 Add-ons & Group Coaching Support
Enroll in the full-program premium package and you will have access to (9) virtual coaching sessions in conjunction with the online curriculum. Each virtual session is personalized via confidential digital playbooks. Submit your work to me in your own time, and I will offer you feedback and in-depth reflection designed to get to the heart of what's holding you back from expressing your power. Due to the digital interface, you will have access to our insights for life. (new! PHP LIVE option now available. Learn more.)

As an added bonus,
TribeNectar™ Membership is included in the cost of enrollment. Join a community of women all committed to supporting one another in powerhouse living. FREE Group Coaching exclusive to active clients.

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What makes this program so unique and effective?

ACCESSIBILITY I am interested in meeting you where you are - serving your within your means in your now. I do this by offering a virtual platform, payment plans, and no-excuse pricing. Don't think you can afford it? Try me.

TRANSPARENCY I'm not a conventional coach. I'll be your ally and friend, offering deeply personal experiences to demonstrate owning one's story. Ask me anything, I serve you best by being 100% real. I have translated my journey (quantum leaps and shaky missteps) into tangible action steps that work.

COMMUNITY I love all of my clients dearly, and I want them to grow through one another. That's why I have created TribeNectar, a shameless sharer's alliance. We won't leave you high and dry post-program. Once you join us, you've got allies for life!

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Get Unstuck

>>> I'll introduce you to a mindset that will keep you moving in the face of fear or inertia. Learn to motivate when you can't seem to find the power.

>>> Gain clarity around who you are, what you want. Define the deeper purpose of your life and get crystal clear on the deal-breakers that do you in every time.

Take Your Life Back

>>> Live your life for you and let go of the need to put yourself last. Become power efficient. Learn to say yes... learn to say no... and let go of the guilt for good.

>>> Release the need for a guru, a promise, or a magic pill.
Learn how to harness your history and be the hero of your own story.

>>> Shed the should’s, shame, and shrinking to fit in someone else's box. Learn how to create healthy boundaries, without divorcing the people you love most.

Own Your Beautiful Ugly

>>> Stop pretending and embody your own brand of sexy. Own your sacred sizzle and align with relationships that reflect your values.

>>> Embrace your faults and eccentricities and expose them as superpowers. Get clear on exactly how your madness is your misunderstood medicine. Learn how to use it.

>>> Quit Hiding Out. Shed the shame & share your deepest real. I share my own journey openly and encourage community engagement through our private social network. Be inspired and held women who are stepping into a life they love.

Express What's Real

>>> Take a comprehensive inventory of your life and determine how you might be holding yourself hostage. Find greater voice and vehicle every week as you unleash your greatest potential.

>>> Turn your meekest musings into an honest roar without taking anyone down.
Learn to show up effectively in ways that will help you to conjure and communicate your strength without compromising your truth.
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Defeat Your Nemesis. You Are Your Greatest Enemy & Your One True Hero
I can help you to identify how you are holding yourself hostage. Let's free you up once and for all!